Case Study – Advertising


One of the oldest television sales representation companies that provides in-market advertising representation services.


The Company has been dependent on its TV Spot business for survival while the Spot TV marketplace dynamics are straining the Company’s resources. It lacks cash and headcount to expand its TV Spot business. Competitors and customers perceive the Company as a dying business, and one burdened by debt to its private equity investor. Continuing internet advertising growth presented new opportunity for the Company; however, attempt to launch its digital business has created only incremental volume. It spent more on internet selling than it generates in internet sales and the digital experiment with its partners is not generating material revenue.


Salzinger & Company was asked to size and prioritize potential markets and their promise for growth as well as define a three year strategic plan, including business strategy, financial projections and technology priorities to maximize shareholder value while minimizing execution risk along with a tactical execution plan which includes required organizational strategy recommendations.


Salzinger & Company provided the Company with strategic and tactical recommendations to improve and restructure its existing TV Spot, Network and Digital businesses. In addition, Salzinger & Company developed a new business plan for the Company to launch its digital business.


Salzinger & Company believes that the Company can best leverage its industry goodwill and national advertiser relationships to re-position itself as a leader in digital video advertising across online, mobile and digital cable video advertising channels. Strategies for the Company, include: - Develop technology infrastructure and sales team to represent online video advertising inventory, which is growing, and will provide a springboard into mobile advertising. - Aggressively increase number of domestic and international networks represented. Focus on representing networks with large and attractive audience profile and growth potential.